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Health Insurance From The Northern Mariana Islands

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. Republicans are craven in their obeisance to their health industry patrons who are so generous at campaign time. They are saying that they're going to offer a new national policy; they're going to free up the insurance industries to offer new national policies with no antitrust law from the Federal Government, no regulation by the States. They've come up with a new loophole for abuses. They have defined on page 122 of their bill, the Northern Mariana Islands--that is Jack Abramoff's lobby client--with their sweat shops and sex shops as a State so insurance companies can go to the Northern Mariana Islands and the only consumer protections that will apply for a policy you buy--one of these new, great, cheap national policies--will be the laws of the Mariana Islands. Buy a policy in Oregon, call the Mariana Islands insurance commissioner, whoever that might be--maybe Jack Abramoff when he gets out of jail--and they'll help you out.

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