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As Promised, Boren To Vote No On Health Care Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, D.C.

U.S. Congressman Dan Boren reaffirmed today his opposition to the health care legislation scheduled for a vote this week in the U.S. House of Representatives. Boren had previously announced his concerns with the legislation this past August at town halls held across Oklahoma's Second District. Boren pledged to constituents then that he would not support the health care reform bill if it raises taxes on small businesses, places burdensome mandates on Oklahoma companies, and includes a public option.

"While I support improving health care access for all Oklahomans, just as I told constituents in August, I cannot vote for the health care bill that is currently before the House of Representatives. The worst thing we could do during a recession is raise taxes and this bill does just that. I also believe the public option would ultimately lead to a single-payer health care system. Finally, I do not believe that the possibility for tax-payer funded abortion has been clearly and emphatically removed from this legislation. Although I support eliminating health insurance companies' ability to deny applicants coverage based on pre-existing conditions, this 2,000-page and $1 trillion bill, is just not the answer to America's health care problems."

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