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Small Business Financing And Investment Act Of 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Small Business Financing And Investment Act Of 2009


Mr. MASSA. Madam Chair, let me take this opportunity to thank Ms. Velázquez and to commend Mr. Schrader and his colleagues on the Small Business Committee for their efforts in crafting this landmark legislation to expand opportunities for many new entrepreneurs and for expanding business opportunities across the country.

Offering these business ventures this needed help in getting off the ground is essential, especially right now, for the creation of jobs and so as to boost economic activity in local communities, especially in local rural communities, which are so important to my district.

With my amendment, we can focus on a very pressing concern from many places across this country and on one of exceptional concern back home. This is the brain drain, the loss of talent, caused by the outmigration of so many young businesspeople.

As is a common trend for many regions in America, we have seen a great loss of young people in my district, in western rural New York. This is due to a longstanding scarcity of jobs and of many shrinking opportunities for bright, young entrepreneurs. By creating programs in the Small Business Administration which focus specifically on providing business advice, technical assistance, and lowering eligibility to younger entrepreneurs, we can give these young people who would like to stay in our districts better opportunities to do so.

Year to year, we continue to see our children leave their communities because they have limited opportunities to find good-paying jobs or to find any attractive means to make livings and to raise families. Our communities are shrinking in rural America, and the efforts of this outmigration to many places around the country and throughout the Nation are clear. With more and more young people forced to leave to find careers elsewhere, local economies are facing even higher degrees of challenges, and fewer jobs, therefore, are available. Many people back home question how long this can continue.

For those young folks who want to start businesses, who may want to earn steady paychecks, who may want to create jobs and hire others in their communities, where will they go to grow up and raise their families?

I believe we have an opportunity to help pave the way. Offering programs that will help reinvigorate communities through new business opportunities for younger entrepreneurs will both provide these jobseekers with local opportunities and will hugely benefit the local economies in the area. My amendment will do just this.

Madam Chair, I reserve the balance of my time.

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