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Let's Move Forward On A Job Agenda For Americans, Not An Agenda Of Government-run Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CAMPBELL. Mr. Speaker, it seems that the Democrat majority in this town is determined to install a government-run health care system which will be costly, inefficient, and provide bad care. We all know that.

I happen to support something that's directionally opposite to that, something called the Patients' Choice Act, which, instead of putting new bureaucracies in between people and their doctors, it would eliminate some of the existing bureaucracies and get employers and the government out of the way between people and their doctors so that they can control their own health care.

But you know what? As important as the health care debate is here, do you know what people in America want right now? Jobs. They want jobs. And if there is one thing this plan that the Democrats are proposing will do, it will cost even more Americans their jobs.

Mr. Speaker, I would ask you and I would ask the President where are the jobs you promised? Let's move forward in America on a job agenda, not an agenda of government-run health care.

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