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Denouncing The Cuban Regime

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SIRES. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to denounce the deplorable and dangerous actions of the Cuban regime.

On Monday, The Miami Herald reported that in the 6 months after the attacks of September 11, dozens of Cuban spies walked into our embassies all over the world and sent our officials on wild goose chases disguised as terrorist threats. These intelligence agents fabricated threats to deliberately pull our officials away from their work of identifying and preventing more attacks.

I cannot stress the underhanded and malicious nature of the regime in Cuba. These actions directly undermined our national security. These agents repeatedly, before and after 9/11, visited embassies. They posed as defectors to get our intelligence to waste time and resources. These visits to embassies increased dramatically after 9/11, and Cuban agents specifically used our sensitivity to terrorist threats to mislead our officials.

The Cuban regime deceived us when we were most vulnerable, in the months after the deadliest attacks on American soil.

Mr. Speaker, I am outraged by this news, and I hope my colleagues are, also.

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