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Lance: "New" Democratic Health Care Bill Same Old Tax-Raiser; Job-Killer


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07) today released the following statement regarding the new health care reform measure unveiled today by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

"The latest 1,990 page Democratic health care proposal unveiled today by Speaker Pelosi is a measure that raises taxes and reduces funding for Medicare. This will be harmful to the people of New Jersey," Lance said. "Instead of focusing on fiscally responsible reforms that have bipartisan support, the Democratic Leadership has chosen a path that ignores good ideas from our side of the aisle. I oppose this health care plan and favor a common-sense alternative that protects New Jersey's taxpayers from an expensive government takeover of a good deal of our health care system."

Lance said this week he will join like-minded members of Congress in introducing the "Medical Rights and Reform Act" -- a fiscally responsible alternative health care reform measure that reduces costs and expands insurance coverage without raising taxes, rationing care or putting the government between patient and doctor.

Lance's alternative reform bill includes medical liability reform, small business insurance pooling and letting families and businesses buy insurance across state lines -- ideas that have strong, bipartisan support but are absent from the Democrats' new reform legislation.

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