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Where Are The Jobs?

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. LoBIONDO. Mr. Speaker, the people in the 2nd Congressional District of New Jersey are asking, Where are the jobs? They have watched as this Congress has passed bailouts for AIG, for GM and for Chrysler. They watched as this Congress passed a huge bailout for Wall Street, and then followed up with a stimulus bill that had very little thought and that isn't providing the jobs for our citizens. They are not too big to fail, so they are not getting help.

The unemployment rate nationally is about 9.8 percent. In most of my district, it is at least a couple of points higher than that. People are struggling. People want to understand when are we going to get spending under control, and when are we going to understand that we should pay attention to the real people, the people who have their connection to the real world, not the people who are connected to Wall Street, not the people who are getting multimillion dollar bonuses after running companies into the ground, but the people who are just trying to make America go.

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