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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. ANDREWS. Mr. Speaker, if you listen to America's senior citizens and ask them what they want with respect to Medicare, I think this is what you hear. Seniors want to continue to have their benefits left alone and be able to choose the doctor and hospital they want. Under our plan, they do.

Seniors want to pay less for their prescription drugs which are rising at a rapid pace. Under our plan, they will.

Seniors want to be sure that their doctors will continue to provide quality care for them because they trust and rely on those doctors so much. Under our bill, doctors will get more of what they richly and fairly deserve. They will get paid what they deserve.

Now, the other side has engaged in a scare campaign to scare America's seniors. I think what most scares America's seniors is the irresponsibility of proposing nothing about America's health care crisis. That is what the minority offers.

We offer a better way, a brighter way, and a safer way for America's seniors.

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