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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. BACHMANN. Mr. Speaker, the Republicans were just castigated for being the party of ``no,'' and I would submit that it is just the opposite, and this is why.

The President of the United States, in a historic move, gave a speech to the joint session of the House. He said, If any Republicans have positive ideas, they need to come to me, and I'll be happy to sit down with them.

Well, I wrote a letter to the President, taking him up on that wonderful offer, and said, I have a positive alternative, Mr. President. Could I sit down and share that with you? I'm still waiting by my desk for that return phone call, and I have yet to receive the courtesy reply as have multiple of my Republican colleagues offered to the President to share with him their positive alternatives.

The party of ``no'' is the party that locks the door on Republicans to even prevent them from coming into a committee room to offer our positive alternatives. We have them. What has the majority offered? They've offered to cut Medicare to senior citizens by $500 billion. Is that a positive alternative? We have loads of them. We're the party of ``yes.''

Stop being the party of ``no.''

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