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Dr. Broun Introduces The Patient OPTION BILL

Press Release

Location: Washington, D.C.

Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. (GA-10) today introduced his comprehensive health care plan, H.R. 3889, appropriately titled the OPTION (Offering Patients True and Individualized Options Now) Act. House Republicans have now introduced over 40 health care reform alternatives to the one-size-fits-all health care experiment pushed by the White House and Congressional leaders. The OPTION Act is the only true free-market reform alternative. Dr. Broun's Patient OPTION Act will protect the health care elements that thrive and transform health care financing failures.

"When it comes to health care plans, one size certainly doesn't fit all. People need options, so instead of talking about public options, why aren't we talking about patient options? As an alternative to the government-run options, I have offered today a comprehensive plan to protect the health care elements that currently work and fundamentally reform the health care financing failures.

"My OPTION Act will help break down the barriers that small businesses face when trying to provide their employees with the very best coverage. My bill will allow Americans to keep their current coverage if they like it and make it easier for them to transport it across state lines or from job to job.

"As we work to transform the failures and find measurable ways to make health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans, bipartisanship is essential. An issue that impacts every American is too important to rush through or to come down to a party line vote. I hope the Administration will accept more of our invitations to hear our proposals, and I look forward to seeing consumer-based Republican ideas finally added to the health care plan," said Congressman Paul Broun.

Dr. Broun's OPTION Act will:

1) Make the purchase of health care insurance more affordable to more people;

2) Make all health care related expenses tax deductible for all individuals;

3) Significantly expand health savings accounts contributions and eligibility;

4) Repeal and reform the barriers that currently exist for physicians to donate charity and pro bono care;

5) Reform Medicare from being a government administered health care program to a market-based voucher system;

6) Allow for individuals to keep their health insurance if they choose once they leave their jobs;

7) Expand pooling options to allow any qualified entity to create an insurance plan for members;

8) Enable individuals to shop across state lines for health insurance;

9) Allow transparency into health care pricing; and

10) Review and reform current EMTALA regulations.

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