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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.

Mr. Speaker, Americans are growing tired of having to speculate about what is in a 1,000-plus page bill that is still being drafted in secret behind closed doors. The American people want transparency in this process, and they want real bipartisan reform. They want a step-by-step approach.

Why don't we work together out in the sunshine and add even a few of the elements Republicans have presented in our 53 health care alternatives?

One of these alternatives is my OPTION Act, H.R. 3889, that among other things would, number one, make the purchase of health insurance more affordable to more people. It would allow transparency in health care pricing; make all health care-related expenses tax deductible for everybody; and allow for individuals to keep their health insurance once they leave their jobs or shop across State lines.

We must bring health care reform back from the partisan abyss and give the American people real bipartisan health care reform.

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