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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.

Mr. Speaker, if we were really debating health care, you could wonder if some of these things could be said with a straight face.

This isn't about health care; it's about control. Who's going to control these decisions? This entire debate could be put on a bumper sticker that says, simply, ``Who Decides?'' The majority wants Washington decisions and we want individual decisions.

Mrs. Clinton summed it up best 15 years ago in the last health care debate. She said, We can't trust the American people to make these decisions.

But the majority can't keep their hands off this trillion dollar decision; so they put into one of the bills things like $1.6 billion for streetlights. How many people are going to get insured with that? Or $10 billion to shore up union--their friends--insurance funds? I wonder how many people are going to get insured with that. Or the payoff to the trial lawyers, who cause us to spend $200 billion a year in defensive medicine to prevent being sued, who's helping them?

Mr. Speaker, this is about control.

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