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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.

Mr. Speaker, how does Speaker Pelosi plan to pay for her $1.2 trillion government takeover of health care? Simple--higher taxes, higher premiums and cuts in Medicare. What does this mean to mom and dad back home? It means 6 million will be forced off of their Medicare Advantage Program. It means their doctor will now be assigned to them by a government bureaucrat, not by their own choice.

In the rural area that I represent, they're facing $83 billion in cuts, so rural nursing homes will close down. And for seniors in Medicare part D, a 20 percent increase in drug costs.

This is not a good plan. If the kitchen sink is leaking, you don't take a wrecking ball to the whole kitchen. You fix the sink. We need targeted, market-oriented reforms to make health care more affordable and more accessible for everyone, especially our seniors on a fixed income.

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