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Rogers: Stimulus Creates Less Than One Job In 8th

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Taxpayer money in stimulus funding -- $868,106 to be exact -- spent in the 8th Congressional District for the purpose of creating jobs and boosting the economy, as of Oct. 20 has not been very productive. Less than one job is directly attributable to the money, according to a White House website set up to track the stimulus funds. "No kidding, less than a single job," said U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, MI-08, after looking at the U.S. government website showing that 0.07 of a job was created. "Not sure how less than a tenth of a job does anyone much good, but that's what they're telling us we've spent a huge amount of the billions in borrowed money in a state where we've lost 137,300 jobs between the stimulus launch in February and the middle of October.

"Never send a government to do the job American workers and their families can do much better."

Rogers said that $121,736,651 in stimulus funds spent in Michigan since February, according to the federal government's own records, has created or saved 405 jobs.

The website can be accessed here: To find the 8th Congressional District information, click on "where the money is going," click on view all and go to Michigan and click go; at the map view bar, click on funding and by county.

So what will you find on the website:

Clinton County wins the prize for getting the 0.07 job as a result of $32,272 the federal government borrowed from China and is spending in the county. The other counties are: Ingham, zero jobs; Livingston, zero jobs; Shiawassee, zero jobs; and Oakland zero jobs.

"Michigan needs real stimulus, not the massive borrowing and spending measure adopted eight months ago and still failing to meet the challenge of creating new jobs to replace the millions already lost across the U.S.," said Rogers, who voted for a real economic recovery plan with fast-acting tax relief to create more than 6 million jobs by targeting job providers and not government.

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