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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. GOODLATTE. Mr. Speaker, somewhere in this Capitol, behind closed doors, the Democrats, by themselves, are writing a health care reform bill that is going to cost the taxpayers of this country more than $1 trillion.

Added on top of the enormous debt that we already have, this legislation is also going to include mandates that are going to risk millions of American jobs. At a time when we have nearly 10 percent unemployment and nearly 15 million people in this country looking for work, they're going to pass legislation that's going to cost millions of more jobs if they attempt to mandate on small businesses, which are struggling, an additional obligation of an 8 1/2 percent payroll tax.

In addition, this is going to harm our senior citizens in a multitude of ways. Those of them who are on Medicare Advantage plans, like thousands in my congressional district in Virginia, are going to lose the opportunity to participate in those plans as they take $162 billion in cuts out of that portion of Medicare and $400 billion in cuts from Medicare overall.

Save our seniors. Vote against this bad plan.

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