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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, yesterday the Senate majority leader announced his decision to push health care legislation with a public option, better known as government control. He said, ``We've spent countless hours over the last few days in consultation with Senators.''

What the Senate majority leader did not say was that these negotiations took place behind closed doors with the media and American people shut out. Recent polls show when the American people have the facts, they oppose the Democrats' proposals by a wide margin.

During his campaign, then-Senator Obama promised he would, ``have all the negotiations around a big table'' and ``televised on C-SPAN'' to ``allow people to stay involved in this process.''

Democratic leaders have failed to be open and candid with the American people about the decisionmaking process. The public deserves to have all of the facts regarding a health care plan that would raise premiums and cut benefits.

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