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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SCALISE. Mr. Speaker, right now, while the Democrats who are running Congress are meeting behind closed doors to rewrite a government takeover of health care, the American people are asking why are they being left out?

Senior citizens know that they are being left out of this health care bill because they are looking at the $400 billion in cuts to Medicare that President Obama and Speaker Pelosi's bill will impose upon them, including almost the elimination of Medicare Advantage, which is a program that over 100,000 in Louisiana want and like and will be denied under their bill.

Small businesses and families are wondering why they are being left out of these discussions when they look at over $800 billion in new taxes that American families will have to pay, many of which make below $70,000, which violates one of the President's pledges.

What the American people want is real health care reform, and that is why we have brought a number of bills, including H.R. 3400, which actually goes in and addresses the problems, like preexisting conditions, addressing those problems like lowering the cost so that people can have portability and buy across State lines, and actually passing real Medicare liability reform to lower the cost of health care.

Let's fix the problems that are broken, not break what is working.

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