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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SCALISE. I want to thank my friend from Missouri for hosting this and for helping to continue this debate to really get the facts out about some of the dangers of the proposal being brought by President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and others to really have a government takeover of health care. I agree with most Americans in this country who recognize that there are problems in the system but also recognize that with those problems we still have some of the best medical care in the world and we surely don't want to see the government come in and take over health care and destroy the things that work all in the name of fixing the very specific things that are broke.

If you talk about medical liability reform, doctors will tell you that many of the tests, maybe a third of all of the tests and procedures that are run on people, are just purely in defense of trying to avoid a frivolous lawsuit. Experts will tell you you could save about a hundred billion dollars--billion with a B--a year in medical savings just by doing something to eliminate the frivolous lawsuits and address medical liability reform which, as my friend from Pennsylvania points out, we do in the bill that I'm a cosponsor, many of us are cosponsors of, H.R. 3400.

Not only that, for Americans who have to go through these tests and procedures that they know they don't have to go through and they wonder, why do I have to go through these CAT scans and these other tests that my doctor really doesn't think I need but because he's afraid of a lawsuit, I've got to spend the extra time and the extra money.

Outside groups have now come and just earlier this week, Pricewaterhouse said that the bill being brought by President Obama and others in Congress would add another $1,700 a year to the average American family's health insurance cost.

Mr. AKIN. Wait a minute now. You got my attention. The average American family, the proposal that's being offered is it's going to add $1,700 more a year for the cost of their medical insurance?

Mr. SCALISE. That's exactly what the Pricewaterhouse study says.

Mr. AKIN. Isn't that the new study on the Democrat Senate plan? Isn't that where that was done?

Mr. SCALISE. Right. Because as we're getting more information on this bill that just passed out of the Senate, they still won't put the legislative text out there, and I think we should have at least 72 hours where the bill is available online so that not only Members of Congress but all Americans can read it, but also as they're starting to research and look at all of these taxes.

The Democrat bill in the Senate has $400 billion in new taxes that would be passed on to American families. The House bill has $800 billion in new taxes. All of that will raise the cost of health care.

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