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Medicare Physician Payments

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.

Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, I am going to take a moment of my leader time. Americans are increasingly alarmed by the expansion of our national debt and this spending binge we are putting on the national credit card. They are asking us to do what they have been doing. They want us to take out our scissors and cut the credit card. They want us to live within our means so their children and their grandchildren do not wake up in the morning to find the American dream buried under an avalanche of debt.

Our fiscal situation has simply spiraled out of control. Yet the proponents of this measure want to put another quarter of a trillion dollars on the Federal credit card. Republicans offered a series of fiscally responsible ways to prevent pay cuts to our physicians. That was not agreed to.

Let me remind everybody, we are in very dangerous territory. I am going to vote against this deficit-expanding bill because enough is enough. I hope, on a bipartisan basis, we will send a message to the American people that we do not intend to charge from $ 1/4 trillion to $300 billion on the nation's credit card by approving this measure.

I yield the floor.


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