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Bill Owens For Congress Launches Fifth Advertisement, "Where I Stand," Lays Out Ideas For Job Creation, Opposes Return To Bush Economics

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Bill Owens, Democratic Congressional candidate in New York's 23rd District, today released his fifth television advertisement of the campaign. In the ad, Owens affirms his opposition to tax hikes for the middle class and small businesses and his record of creating jobs in Upstate New York.
Owens' new ad comes as the National Republican Congressional Committee has released yet another misleading attack ad on Bill Owens' record of creating jobs and fighting for the middle class. Owens is continuing his positive message in spite of his opponents' tactics.

"Voters in this district aren't focused on the distortions and personal attacks that Washington Republicans have leveled at Bill Owens," said Jon Boughtin, a spokesman for the campaign "Unlike Doug Hoffman or Dede Scozzafava, Bill Owens wants to turn the page on George Bush's economic policies and tax cuts for the wealthy. It's time to put the middle class first and invest in job creation for Upstate New York to get our economy back on track."

To view the ad, click here:
Below is a full transcript of the advertisement:

[Bill Owens speaking]

"I'm Bill Owens, and I approve this message because I think you deserve to know where I stand. I'm opposed to raising taxes on the middle class or small business in any way, but I think we should get rid of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. My two opponents both want to keep those tax cuts for the wealthy, even though they would add five hundred billion dollars to the deficit.

I'm running for Congress to cut the waste in Washington, and invest in growth jobs, like renewable energy. I'm Bill Owens and you can go to my website for the whole plan."

Bill Owens has laid out his complete plan for how he will help create jobs as a Member of Congress during an ongoing "jobs tour" of the district.

· Leading the Way on Green Energy: Upstate New York has already taken strides to promote a green energy economy, and that's creating good paying jobs for working families across the state. Whether it is solar, wind, biomass or other technologies, our Congressional District is already up and running with a green energy industry. We need to promote more of this kind of investment so we can continue to create better paying jobs for Upstate New York.

· Recruiting Canadian Investment: Throughout my career, I have worked to bring investments from Canadian businesses to New York to help create jobs. In all, I've helped create over 2,000 jobs for Upstate New York. Just recently, the Watertown Daily Times reported efforts are underway by St. Lawrence County and Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority to entice Canadian business and show that it is more cost-efficient for many Canadian businesses to manufacture their products here -- these are exactly the kinds of steps we need to take to strengthen our local economy, and I will champion these efforts in Congress.

· Keeping Fort Drum Strong: The talent, workforce and resources housed at and around Fort Drum make the base a tremendous economic engine for the region. As a Member of Congress, I will fight to keep Fort Drum strong so it can continue to be the engine of our local economy for years to come.

· Job Training for Recent Graduates and America's Veterans: Recent college graduates and our veterans returning home from overseas are entering the civilian workforce in the midst of a troubled economy unlike anything Americans have seen in decades. Moreover, recently unemployed workers, especially older workers, need a way to quickly retrain and reenter the workforce at a job that pays as well or better than the one they lost. In Congress, I will work to invest in jobs programs at our local colleges and technical schools and create job training and job placement programs for our veterans.

· Protecting and Improving Local Infrastructure: Upstate New York is blessed with an extraordinary workforce, but to attract businesses and create jobs for our region we have to maintain and expand our infrastructure to further incentivize the creation of businesses in Upstate New York. I strongly support the improvements necessary to keep the Port of Oswego moving forward, and as a Member of Congress I will fully support efforts to construct I-98 so we can move people and goods more efficiently through the state.

· Making Our Universities a Part of the Solution: We have some of the best colleges, technical schools and universities in the country right here in Upstate New York. By supporting institutions of higher education here at home, we can continue to attract talent to our area that will support businesses large and small for years to come. Moreover, our colleges and universities are tremendous economic engines for the community, creating jobs in the short term and helping promote technological advances that will bring investment to Northern and Central New York in the long term. As a Member of Congress, I will work to ensure increased funding for higher education so that today's graduates can become tomorrow's leaders.

· Protecting Our Farms Today and for the Future: Agriculture is important for our entire economy, and is a critical component of the markets that affect all of us. If farmers, including dairy farmers, aren't getting a fair price for their product, it's bad for everyone in Upstate New York. That's why I support Senator Chuck Schumer's call for an investigation into why dairy farmers are getting paid lower and lower prices for their milk, while the price of milk remains high in stores. We need farm policy that benefits producers as well as consumers, so we can keep our economy strong for all the hardworking families of Upstate New York.

Bill Owens has devoted his life to creating jobs, bringing economic development to the North Country, and serving his country. As a Captain in the United States Air Force, he proudly served at Plattsburgh Air Force Base. When the base was closed he helped create the Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corporation to ensure the land was used to create jobs, and currently there are more than 500 jobs based there as a result of his leadership. In all, Bill Owens helped to create over 2,000 jobs. He has also served his community on the boards of many civic and non-profit organizations. He is a Managing Partner at Stafford Owens Piller Murnane & Trombley, PLLC. Owens currently lives in Plattsburgh with his wife Jane where they raised three children. He is the proud grandfather of three with a fourth due this fall.

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