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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

There is no question that America today faces a more difficult economy than we have seen in recent memory. Every day, more hardworking families in Upstate New York and all across the nation are struggling to make ends meet.

Bill Owens thinks that companies receiving tax breaks from the government must live up to their end of the promise. That's why he supports holding big businesses accountable by taking away tax breaks from companies that outsource jobs away from Upstate New York.

Moreover, the actions we take will have long-term effects on our economy, and our children and grandchildren will carry the burdens we fail to address today. Bill Owens believes that for too long, the politicians in Washington have been spending blindly, letting our federal deficit spin out of control. He thinks we must now restore fiscal restraint and get our financial house in order to avoid even worse problems down the road. That's why in Congress, Owens will fight for more balanced budgets and less deficit spending to help minimize the debt future generations will face.

Bill Owens also supports an estate tax exemption for up to $5 million, a threshold that will make sure family farms and small businesses in Upstate New York are not negatively impacted. He does not support increasing taxes on small businesses or middle class families that are already struggling during these tough economic times.

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