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One More Cheer for the Cat in the Hat

Location: Washington, DC

ONE MORE CHEER FOR THE CAT IN THE HAT-HON. BOB FILNER (Extensions of Remarks - February 26, 2004)


Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker:

I rise today as many have before,

To honor Theodor Seuss Guisel for his contributions galore!

The literary world will never be the same,

After being introduced to Dr. Seuss' name

We remember the dreamer, the artist, the man,

Who taught us about life, green eggs and ham

For 60 years he captivated us with stories for all to know,

And left a legacy of cherished books about the places we'd go

He may not have been a real doctor-but boredom he cured,

With rhythm and rhyme and colorful words,

When our troops needed morale during World War II,

He was too old to serve but did what he could do,

With satire and imagery he inspired platoons

With silly and potent political cartoons!

We celebrate today, a man who dreamed,

And created for all an unending stream

Of insights and poems, books and tales,

Of red fish, blue fish and others with scales

He gave us the Lorax to speak for the trees,

A little creature to save saplings from corporate greed

And we cannot forget the Grinch with a heart so cold,

Or the innocence of a child, "Who," touched his soul

His 46 books weren't meant to be silly,

Barbaloots were for grown-ups and leaders of cities,

Ahhh-So many stories, yet so little time,

To commend this man for his gift of rhyme

So when the sun does not shine,

When it is too wet to play,

When you are sitting in your house,

On a cold, cold, wet day

Always remember in December or September, The spell of wonder, Dr. Seuss put us under.

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