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Congress Must Protect Unborn in Considering Health Care Reform


Location: Unknown

Posted by Senator Jim DeMint

As Senate negotiations continue on the government overhaul of America's health care system, the issue of federal funding for abortion still remains. Despite President Obama's assertions to the contrary, the health care takeover would expand federal funding for abortions under the Democrats' current proposal. Chairman Max Baucus' bill, recently approved by Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee, passed without language explicitly prohibiting the use of taxpayer dollars to fund elective abortions. Conservative lawmakers have offered several amendments in markups of health care reform legislation to prevent coverage of abortion, but all were voted down in committee.

The only way to prevent the health care bill from using American taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, is for the Senate to add provisions explicitly prohibiting coverage and funding of abortion in the final version of the bill. Such prohibitions are absolutely necessary to protect taxpayers who are morally opposed to having the government use their hard earned money for the coverage of abortion procedures. I encourage my fellow Americans who believe in protecting the unborn to reach out to their Members of Congress in an effort to make their voices heard as Washington considers health care reform over the coming weeks.

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