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Bill Owens Issues Statement On President Obama's Remarks On Healthcare


Location: Plattsburgh, NY

Bill Owens, endorsed Democratic Congressional candidate in New York's 23rd district, issued the following statement on the President's remarks to a joint session of Congress last night:

"I support the President's efforts to pass real health insurance reform. We can't continue to ignore the problems that exist with our health insurance industry and I join his call for action to address the broken system currently in place."

"I commend the President's willingness to compromise on certain parts of his plan. It demonstrates his strong commitment to bipartisan reform. I agree that it's time for opponents to stop engaging in scare tactics and misinformation campaigns that only benefit their political agenda. It's time to come together and find common ground on a plan that will fix the system that is currently broken."

"I remain committed to a plan that brings down insurance costs, provides access to coverage for those without insurance, and makes sure those with pre-existing conditions are insured. We must accomplish these goals without placing burdens on small businesses who are already struggling with health insurance costs and similarly, we can't add to our budget deficit. The plan needs to be fiscally responsible."

"Those principles will guide me moving forward as legislation is finalized in the near future."

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