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Remarks By The President To Students

Location: Silver Spring, MD

Viers Mill Elementary School

Silver Spring, Maryland

THE PRESIDENT: Here's the reason that I wanted to stop by for lunch today, and that is, I have heard great things about this school. I hear everybody here is reading all the time. Right? The motto here is?

PRINCIPAL DEVAN: Viers Mill, what's our goal?

STUDENTS: Read! Read! Read!

PRINCIPAL DEVAN: Viers Mill, what's our goal?

STUDENTS: Read! Read! Read!

PRINCIPAL DEVAN: Because great readers have?

STUDENTS: Great choices!

THE PRESIDENT: So you guys are readers. And so, being a reader myself, I wanted to come meet all these outstanding readers. Because you guys are reading so much and you're working so hard, you guys are doing great in terms of your test scores and how this school is doing. And so this was just a great example of how much improvement a school can make just in a really short time when you've got motivated kids.

So I wanted to come by and introduce myself, to say I'm very proud of you. I am hoping that you guys will continue to read, read, read, and that all of you are going to be really working hard not just this year but all the way through high school and then all the way through college, because how many people here plan to go to college? Everybody, right? I just wanted to make sure everybody's going to college. But that means everybody's going to have to work hard.

So here's what I'm going to do. I didn't want to give a long speech. What I'm going to do is I'm just going to come around, I'm going to shake people's hands, I'm going to say hi to folks, and I'm sure that somebody out there is going to be taking a bunch of pictures. (Laughter.) And you guys can tell me what you've been reading. All right? So get ready to tell me what you've been reading lately and what's going on. All right? Okay, guys.

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