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CNBC Capital Report - Transcript

Location: Unknown

CNBC News Transcripts

SHOW: Capital Report (10:00 PM ET) - CNBC

HEADLINE: Congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts on John Kerry's win in Iowa caucuses



Alan, right now we're going to go to Kerry campaign headquarters, where we're going to talk to Congressman Ed Markey, who has flown in to Des Moines to be a surrogate for John Kerry, a big John Kerry supporter.

Congressman Markey, thanks for being with us.

Representative ED MARKEY (Democrat, Massachusetts): Thank you.

BORGER: What do you think happened tonight?

Rep. MARKEY: Well, I think what happened tonight was that, as John Kerry has been saying for the last week, Iowa must send a president and not a message out of these caucuses because everyone agreed on the message: that the president has betrayed the American people in health care, in education, going to war without the proper evidence. And now they have selected the person that they want to now take on President Bush. And it took it a while for it to all coalesce around John Kerry, but I think they made the right decision. And I think the enthusiasm with which people were joining that campaign over the last four or five days is evidence of that.

BORGER: But, you know, it's true that John Kerry and John Edwards were the two candidates out there who were not engaged in nasty battles with each other. Do you think this sort of positive campaigning of both Edwards and Kerry worked to their benefit?

Rep. MARKEY: I think, without question, the decision made by John Kerry not to engage in negative politics over the last two weeks was essential to have the people from Iowa listen to his positive message for change in our country. And I think it's something that's going to resonate all across America.

BORGER: Now Howard Dean had those negative ads up; so did Dick Gephardt. And they've pulled them down in the last week.

Rep. MARKEY: This state really is not receptive to negative politics. And I think what they've helped the Democratic Party to understand is that we can win with a positive message about the future. And that's what John Kerry did in the last two weeks. He made it an election about the future, and the people-they bought it, they like it and they want to campaign this year on a more optimistic view of what our country can do.

BORGER: OK. Ed Markey, now you're heading back to New England. It's your home area, the state of Massachusetts. New Hampshire is right next door. What will the New Hampshire voters be looking for that the Iowa voters may not have been looking for?

Rep. MARKEY: I think it's the same message. I think that he's going to return now as 'Comeback Kerry.' I think that his message is going to be one that, 'Now we'll be heard.' And the Dean kind of aura of invincibility, of inevitability, is now gone. They're completely open-minded. And I think that this victory tonight is going to propel him right into the lead, or close to it, in New Hampshire. And heading into next Tuesday, John Kerry is going to be the candidate to be reckoned with.

BORGER: OK. Ed Markey, what do you think of a Kerry-Edwards ticket?

Rep. MARKEY: Kerry-Edwards sound good. Actually any ticket with Kerry as number one sounds good. But tonight Kerry-Edwards sounds good.

BORGER: Well, but, you know, you've got New England and then you've got the South, and these are two candidates who the voters in New Hampshire clearly thought had a positive vision. I know I'm a little early in trying to do tickets, but that sounds pretty good to a lot of people here.

Rep. MARKEY: I think Senator Kerry would just like to enjoy his upset victory tonight, but you can't deny that Senator Edwards is a tremendous candidate, and he really rocketed here as more people heard his message. So I think Senator Kerry, when he gets the nomination, is going to look very, very closely at Senator Edwards because he is, really, an exceptional, exceptional man.

BORGER: OK. Congressman Ed Markey, thanks so much for being with us. I know it's noisy and very excited over there at Kerry campaign headquarters. We hope to hear from the senator soon. Thanks so much.

Rep. MARKEY: Thank you.

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