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Tribute to Kip Lombard

Location: Washington, DC

TRIBUTE TO KIP LOMBARD-HON. GREG WALDEN (Extensions of Remarks - February 25, 2004)



Mr. WALDEN of Oregon. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay special tribute to one of Oregon's finest citizens and most dedicated public servants, the late Benjamin "Kip" Lombard, Jr. It is with great sadness that I report that Kip passed away last year at the age of sixty-two, though he lives on in the memories of the many people he touched during his life and the grateful citizens on whose behalf he worked so tirelessly.

Mr. Speaker, Kip Lombard was a true son of the State of Oregon, and his love for his native state was evident in the many labors he performed for the betterment of his fellow Oregonians. Kip was blessed with both a keen intellect and the motivation to use his intellectual gifts in the service of others. He graduated with honors as a member of the first class of the University of Oregon Honors College, an institution reserved for only the most academically gifted. Knowing firsthand the value of a good education, Kip was a steadfast advocate for promoting academic excellence in Oregon. He served on the Jackson County Education Service District, Southern Oregon University's Regional Advisory Board, and as a volunteer on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Association.

Mr. Speaker, while Kip's contributions to his community and state were diverse, he made perhaps his greatest mark in his role as State Representative. Kip served faithfully in the Oregon State Legislature from 1977 to 1985, where he quickly gained a reputation for his effectiveness, conviction, personal integrity and abiding respect for others. When the big jobs had to be done, Kip was always there, working relentlessly and forsaking the limelight. He was fiercely loyal to his southern Oregon constituents, yet committed to making Oregon the greatest state in the Union. He was, in short, a true gentleman and statesman in the finest tradition of Oregon's greatest public leaders.

Kip was widely respected for his thorough knowledge of Western water issues, both during his service in the legislature and in his law practice. As an attorney in private practice Kip brought the same high standards to his profession that he brought to the State House, and his clients were well served by him.

Mr. Speaker, although Kip's life was distinguished by many impressive accomplishments and the recognition that attended his achievements, I know that as a humble man his greatest source of pride was attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. Many of Kip's finest qualities were learned and nurtured in the Scouts, and he maintained a close relationship to Scouting throughout his life.

Kip Lombard's passing subtracts from the number of truly good men in this world, but it will be impossible for us ever to forget that Kip left this world a better place than he found it. Kip will always remain an inspiration to me, and his life's work will always represent the ideal of using one's God-given abilities on behalf of others.

Mr. Speaker, Kip was a man of many distinguished titles, but he valued none of them more highly than the titles of husband and father. I know the solemn pride that his wife, Bernadette, his children, Christopher and Ian, and his grandson, Samuel Benjamin, must certainly feel. While he has left their side in this world, I hope they find consolation in the knowledge that his was a life extremely well lived. For my part, I am grateful to have called Kip Lombard my friend and to have been associated with a man whose tireless work will benefit the State of Oregon for generations.


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