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Ryan Statement on the Death of President Ronald Reagan


Location: Janesville, WI

Wisconsin's First District Congressman Paul Ryan today made the following statement about the passing of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan:

"With the passing of President Reagan, we mourn the loss of a great leader whose vision of hope for our nation and our world inspired us at a crucial time. He fought and won the Cold War - a war that many thought was unwinnable. His economic reforms ushered in a period of enormous economic growth and prosperity.

President Reagan's unbridled enthusiasm and optimism were infectious. He brought our country from a sense of malaise and pessimism to a sense of hope and optimism. Despite the difficulties our country faced and the attacks he withstood, Reagan was able to bring people together and make us feel proud to be Americans.

On a personal note, Ronald Reagan was my political hero growing up, and he is the President who inspired me to consider public service. I think he will go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents."

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