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Unemployment Continues To Rise

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Labor numbers released this week showed that the unemployment rate continued to rise in September with 263,000 Americans losing their jobs in the month of September alone. Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) says these numbers highlight the importance to abandon the President's failed economic policies and focus on those that put Americans back to work.

"The only place the ‘stimulus' worked is Washington, D.C.," Congressman Kingston said. "In the past year the number of people employed by the federal government increased by more than 15 percent. Meanwhile there are counties in South Georgia with unemployment rates higher than that. You can look at all the economic statistics you want if you're on Wall Street or in the White House but real people are looking at jobs. It's time to abandon failed policies and focus on empowering small businesses, not the big guys."

Noting that 2.6 million Americans have lost their jobs since the enactment of the economic stimulus plan proposed by President Obama, Congressman Kingston believes its time to shift course from taxpayer funded cash infusions for large banks and growing the government. Instead, he proposes targeted tax relief for small businesses which employ nearly two-thirds of Americans.

In January Congressman Kingston cosponsored a plan which would, by the math used to evaluate President Obama's plan, create twice the jobs at half the price.

"Washington's addiction to government spending and bailing out Wall Street is being financed on the backs of ‘Main Street' small businessmen," said Congressman Kingston. "We need to provide relief to the millions of ‘Main Street' taxpayers who fuel our economy, not the people who tried to get rich by gaming the system and got us in this mess in the first place."

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