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Facts About The Democrats' Health Care Plans

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, here are some facts about the Democrats' health care bills: They reduce benefits for seniors, according to the Congressional Budget Office; young people, and perhaps most others, pay higher premiums for health insurance, according to nonpartisan analysts; just because you like your health care insurance does not mean you can keep it, according to the Congressional Budget Office; if you don't buy the insurance policy the government requires, you pay an excise tax of almost $2,000, according to legislative language; and the cost of health care increases--not decreases--according to the Congressional Budget Office. And none of the plans contains language, known as ``tort reform,'' to reduce frivolous lawsuits against medical personnel.

Mr. Speaker, let's give the American people the facts about the Democrats' health care proposals. If we do, they will insist that we start over and get it right.


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