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Conference Report On H.R. 3183, Energy And Water development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.


I thank the gentleman from Arizona, and I certainly thank him for his leadership in getting this bill to this point. I appreciate the ranking member and the good work that they have both done in a very fair and nonpartisan way to serve this country, and also the staff of the Energy and Water Subcommittee and what a magnificent job they have done.

This is a very special bill to the First Congressional District of Arkansas. It makes continued investment in our flood protection ability in the operations and maintenance of our flood protection system. It adds money for construction where construction is needed, for investigations where investigations are needed and more study needs to be done.

The Department of Energy has moved forward with the appropriations in this bill. We tried to do what we can to improve the solar energy research, the biofuels research, vehicle technology research, hydrogen technology, energy-efficient buildings, industrial technologies, and weatherization grants. All of these things are an investment in the future of this country and our ability to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. And that's what the committee had in mind. I think our leadership has done a great job with all these things.

We also make a serious investment in electricity delivery and reliability. In the area of the science and the basic sciences, we have made another serious investment.

I think that this is the kind of thing that the Appropriations Committee was created for--to make these decisions, make the necessary investments in the future of this country, and continue to build our infrastructure, protect our people, and provide the opportunity for us to be successful. I urge passage of this bill.


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