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Governor Sanford Signs Mass Transit Executive Order

Press Release

Location: Columbia, SC

Group Charged With Increasing Coordination, Reducing Duplication In State Transportation

Gov. Mark Sanford today signed Executive Order 2009-13, establishing the South Carolina Interagency Transportation Coordination Council, which will promote interagency cooperation and statewide coordination to cut costs and eliminate waste in current transportation programs.

Formed by legislation in 2008, the Mass Transit and Human Services Transportation Programs Study Committee earlier this year recommended the creation of this Council - reporting that there are opportunities to better synchronize existing state government health services transportation programs and even expand transportation services to underserved areas where appropriate. The South Carolina Interagency Transportation Coordination Council created by this Executive Order will seek to address these issues.

"We believe this is a small but meaningful step toward better protecting both the wallets and indeed time of taxpayers," Gov. Sanford said. "These efforts - specifically consolidating and coordinating state agencies' transportation programs - go to the core of commonsense notions like restructuring and quality of life, and for that, I'd encourage this group in its work going forward."

Gov. Sanford will appoint Bill McIlwain of Lexington to the South Carolina Interagency Transportation Coordination Council. McIlwain served at the state Department of Transportation for 42 years, including posts as Statewide Rail Program Manager, Director of Administration, and Director of Finance. Other members, to be named at a later date, will include representatives from involved agencies, key legislative leaders and stakeholders, and the Executive Director of the Budget and Control Board. The Council will publicly offer its recommendations in quarterly reports.

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