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Email From Creigh: My Word


Location: Unknown

Five weeks and five days.

That's it. That is all the time I have to reach out to as many voters as possible.

We have an end-of-quarter fundraising deadline in six days. My campaign manager, Joe Abbey, told me we could raise an additional $250,000 in that time.

But I know we can do better. It's just too important. So I told Joe that we're going to raise $300,000.

You've always come through when I've needed you most, and I know I can count on you again.

Will you help me keep my word? Please click here to make a contribution today and help us raise $300,000 more by September 30.

The fact is, this race is going to be close. But you and I both know we've got all of the momentum.

Some of that is voters are finally starting to learn about the real Bob McDonnell: his social agenda, his votes against equal pay for women, his praise for George Bush's economic policies, and his transportation plan that strips $4.5 billion from public schools -- robbing Peter to pay Paul.

But this election is about more than that. It's about what you and I believe in and how we plan to move Virginia forward.

It's about investing in our children's education. It's about creating jobs. It's about finally building consensus around a plan that raises the funds to fix our transportation problems without dipping into education, social services, or our other priorities.

We need to make sure we have the resources to win this election. The stakes couldn't be higher.

If you haven't made a contribution to our cause, please make a contribution today. There's never been a more critical time.

Together, we can help keep the pressure on for the next 40 days. Let's start by coming out of this fundraising deadline strong.

Thanks for all your help,

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