Statement By The Vice President On Launch Of Latest Version Of


By:  Joe Biden, Jr.
Date: Sept. 28, 2009
Location: Unknown

"Today's launch of the latest version of marks a significant step forward in our efforts to provide unprecedented transparency and accountability of Recovery Act dollars at work. Visitors to the site now have at their fingertips agency-level information about every area of Recovery Act spending through new interactive maps, graphs and other user-friendly features -- and this is just the beginning. Starting next month, this pioneering project will go even farther with the posting of data directly from recipients showing how they have put Recovery dollars to work on projects nationwide. I applaud the work of Earl Devaney and his team at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board leveraging the latest technology to provide the public with more information about their taxpayer dollars at work than with any previous program in the history of our government. And I look forward to watching continue to grow along with the Recovery Act."

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