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Position Paper for Ellen Jaffee On the Environment


Ellen Jaffee on the Environment

I have provided leadership and have been an outspoken advocate for controlling development, maintaining our green space and protecting our environment for years, as a legislator, and as Suffern Trustee.

I believe that a clean, safe and healthy environment is essential for the health of our children and families and necessary for a community to thrive. As assemblywoman, I will continue to consistently vote pro-environment, play a leadership role in furthering environmental priorities by serving on an environmental committee, introduce and champion environmental legislation, lobby my colleagues to support environmental legislation, oppose anti-environmental legislation, and educate my constituents about important environmental issues. I will also continue to collaborate with local advocates in response to local issues, which impact the environment in Rockland and the state.

In the Assembly I will:

¨ Promote watershed protection, the single greatest threat to our source of clean water and our aquifers is unbridled development; Promote protection and restoration of wetlands and riparian corridors.  Promote acquisition of green space, wellhead protection, water conservation, anti-sprawl planning, and xeriscaping. Push for Revision of Article X of the Public Service Law to provide more local control over siting of power plants to protect local resources. Lead negotiations with NJ, NY and United Water to revise water transfer agreements and water restriction regulations. Push for storm-water runoff treatment for NY Thruway and other highways.
¨ Advocate airshed protection; Support funding for air monitor for Rockland County.

¨ Control Tappan Zee Bridge and Thruway corridor expansion.

¨ Support Protection of the Torne Valley, Hudson Highlands, and green space.

¨ Demand closure and decommissioning of Indian Point.

¨ Promote renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

¨ Support superfund and brownfields refinancing.

¨ Advocate increased investment in mass transportation.

`What leading Rockland environmentalists say about Ellen Jaffee:

"Ellen Jaffee has been a consistent advocate for the environment, grassroots democracy, and economic and social justice. ...the Rockland Greens unanimously endorsed her candidacy for the State Assembly."
James Henderson, Chair of the Rockland County Green Party

"Overdevelopment creates a crisis in our water supply. Ellen Jaffee fought to protect the aquifers so vital to our present and future available drinking water."
Joan Gussow, Professor Emerita, Teachers College Columbia University

"I've worked with Ellen Jaffee on environmental issues, including protection of Torne Valley and the public water supply, for many years. With her depth of knowledge and active support we can accomplish the vital task of protecting our local and state environment."
Geoff Welch, of the Ramapo River Committee*

"At election time, many of Ellen Jaffee's colleagues on the county Legislature make claim to environmental credentials. Ellen has been outspoken on the real issues, even when no election looms."
Martus Granirer, Rockland County lawyer, specializing in land conservation matters.

"Ellen Jaffee will oppose the expansion of the Tappan Zee Bridge. Ellen understands that the expansion of the bridge will result in increased traffic and air pollution. We are confident that Ellen will work closely with CCRD and GUARD and make sure Rockland County actively participates in all decisions regarding our future."
George and Tanya Sherman, of the Concerned Citizens for Responsible Development*

"Ellen Jaffee has shown herself to be a true friend of the environment when it comes to a range of issues affecting Ramapo and Rockland, from protecting threatened open space to keeping power plants out of the Torne Valley." Sarah Mondale, of the Suffern Civic Assn.*

"We would like to endorse Ellen Jaffee for our State Assembly. Ellen was one of the first people in the political arena to recognize the importance of the Torne Valley to protection of our watershed and water supply. She agrees that this land must become part of the PIP/Harriman Park in order to insure a reliable water supply for the future."
Nancy W. Drennen and Robert J. Drennen, of the Torne Valley Preservation Association*

"The Sprayno Coalition supports Ellen Jaffee for her tireless efforts on behalf of the Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law as well as her efforts on behalf of saving the Torne Valley from being another wasteland of power company towers. In recent years she has also opposed the use of adulticides to kill mosquitoes and has been very open minded and willing to listen to her constituents on these issues. We have complete trust in her integrity..." Susan Sterngold, founding member, Sprayno Coalition

"Ellen has been a friend to the Torne Valley from the beginning. Her ongoing support and leadership contributes greatly to our community's efforts to protect our water, air, open space, and quality of life."
Melanie Golden, concerned community activist.

*Group name for identification purpose only

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