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Statement By The Vice President On The GAO Report On The Recovery Act


Location: Unknown

"Today's report from the Government Accountability Office confirms what I have been hearing from people across the country: the Recovery Act is working to jump-start critical infrastructure projects, cushion the impact of record state budget deficits and provide new job opportunities for hard-hit communities. As the GAO notes, Recovery Act funds are being put to work ahead of schedule, and project bids are frequently coming in under-budget -- with the millions of dollars of cost-savings often redirected to communities that need the economic boost the most. The fact that a survey of nine major Recovery Act programs across sixteen states by the government's top watchdog, showed such significant progress is a testament to the care with which we have put taxpayer dollars to work."

"We look ahead to receiving the first reports directly from recipients of Recovery Act funds next month on what it has meant for their business or organization. We appreciate the GAO's recommendations for carrying out that process. I am also stressing to agencies the importance of responding to the GAO's other recommendations for improvements in execution and oversight of this highly complex effort."

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