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Statement On Health Care Reform


Location: Washington, DC

The most damaging aspect of the misinformation circulating about health care insurance reform is the use of scare tactics targeted at seniors. The cynical irony is that the misinformation targeting seniors are largely perpetuated by the same people who fought the establishment of Medicare and wanted to privatize Social Security.

Here are the facts about some common myths.

Myth #1: There will be rationing of health care.
Not true. The bill promotes effective treatments through research.

Myth #2: Medicare will be eliminated.
Not true. In fact reform will lower prescription drug costs for people in the doughnut hole; allow them to keep the doctor of their choice; improve the quality of care; and eliminate billions in waste.

Closing the doughnut hole is an especially critical issue for Hawaii, as we are home to the nation's largest percentage -- 36 percent compared with 26 percent -- of Medicare beneficiaries that fall into this gap of prescription drug coverage.

Our current health care system -- costliest in the world for what we get with ever-increasing costs year after year -- can't be sustained.

I urge my colleagues support for immediate action on health care reform.

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