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Kingston To Obama: Listen To The American People

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Kingston To Obama: Listen To The American People

Following an August during which spirited town hall meetings across the nation were characterized by public outcry against it, Congressman Jack Kingston questioned President Obama's continued reliance on "public option" in health care reform.

"The President gave a new sales pitch when the American people want a new product. It's disturbing he hasn't been listening to anyone but his own special interest groups," Congressman Kingston said. "Whether the President agrees with them or not, alternatives exist. It's time to stop ignoring them. It's disappointing he cannot seem to get off the campaign trail and work toward a viable, bipartisan health care reform package."

Congressman Kingston believes that the focus of health care reform should come by addressing the ailments of the current system before placing a new government bureaucracy on top of it. By rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in current government benefits, enacting medical liability reform, and promoting preventive medicine, he believes costs can be brought down significantly.

Allowing small businesses to band together to purchase insurance through Association Health Plans, equalizing the tax code to give individuals the same treatment as large corporations when purchasing health care and increasing competition by allowing Americans to purchase insurance across state lines are just three ways to expand access to care according to Congressman Kingston.

While final details remain elusive on a health care reform package, Congressman Kingston has vowed to vote against any bill which he has not read in its entirety and which has not been made available for public review for at least 72 hours online. Kingston has posted links to legislative language, summaries, and other reading materials about health care reform on his website at

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