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Bono Mack Statement On President's Health Care Address

Press Release

Location: Washington D.C.

Bono Mack Statement On President's Health Care Address

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (CA-45) today issued the following statement in response to the President's address to a Joint Session of Congress:

“Tonight, we heard a recycled sales pitch for a flawed plan to establish government-run health care and higher taxes,” said Bono Mack. “President Obama failed to recognize the voices of millions of Americans who simply don't want government-run health care that will jeopardize their current plans, increase health costs, and add to our already crippling federal deficit.

“It is clear that we must work together to find responsible solutions that will make critical changes that Americans need and deserve. As the daughter of a physician, I have seen firsthand the challenges and successes of our current system. We need to expand access to quality, affordable health care and protect Americans' freedom to choose the plan that best meets their needs. Adding new layers of government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors isn't the answer.

“The facts are clear -- H.R. 3200 would force millions of Americans off their current plans, cut Medicare programs that cover over 45% of Medicare recipients in Riverside County, and increase seniors' Medicare prescription drug premiums by 20% in the coming years.

“It is time for the Administration and Congress to start over on a new plan. Key improvements that should be included are increasing access to affordable care, holding insurance companies more accountable, implementing preventive medicine initiatives, ensuring people can keep their coverage, even when changing jobs, and allowing small businesses to pool together to care at a better price.

“I stand ready to work with my colleagues in crafting a meaningful legislation that will make the critical reforms we need while protecting the free-market principles that have made our health care system the greatest in the world.”

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