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Blackburn On President's Health Care Speech


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn On President's Health Care Speech

Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) issued the following statement ahead of the President's remarks tonight on health care before Congress.

“As I traveled the 7th District last month, I heard a consistent theme from Tennesseans. They know better than anyone that there are serious problems in our health care system and they want them fixed. What they don't want is to replace a health insurance bureaucrat with a government bureaucrat. That is what the public option plan that the House is considering promises. My constituents want to fix issues like portability and bans on pre-existing conditions. They don't want to explode the federal debt simply to cover those problems up. I have heard my constituents and I hope that when I listen to the President tonight I will know that he has heard them too.”

Congressman Blackburn held eleven public meetings across Tennessee on health care reform during the August break. She is a co-sponsor of health care reform alternatives like those sponsored by theRepublican Study Committee and another by Rep. John Shadegg that use market based approach to address the issues of affordability, pre-existing conditions, and portability. She authored this column with Rep. Phil Roe about how the lessons Tennessee learned with public option care can inform the current debate.

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