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Energy Summit Productive, Reinforced Need For American Energy Act

Press Release

Location: Washington D.C.

Energy Summit Productive, Reinforced Need For American Energy Act

U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH) today joined othermembers of the American Energy Solutions Group, including Republican LeaderJohn Boehner, and Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence, to hold an EnergySummit in Central Ohio to discuss the American Energy Act (H.R. 2846) and theDemocrats' energy plan known as the Cap and Trade energy bill (H.R.2454) thatnarrowly passed the House of Representatives on in June.

“Today's summit was beneficial as we examined thewide-ranging effects of both the Democrats' plan, and the American Energy Actintroduced by members of the American Energy Solutions Group,” said CongressmanTiberi. “There's no doubt we need todecrease our dependence on foreign oil, put our country on the path to energyindependence, and develop the energy sources of the future, but we need to doit in a responsible way. We can't justpunish producers of traditional energy; we need to incentivize the developmentof new technology and the use of cleaner energy sources. These are exactly the goals of the AmericanEnergy Act, our all-of-the-above energy solution.

“Today we heard from a variety of people who described thedetrimental effects the Cap and Trade energy bill would have -- it would forceenergy prices to sky-rocket, and cause wide-spread layoffs. Among other participants, we heard from TomSecor, the President of Durable Corporation in Norwalk, Ohio. He told us that under the Cap and Trade bill,he believes his steel prices would increase and he would be forced to do whathis competitors do and produce overseas.That will cost American jobs. Mr.Secor said he believes he would have to reduce his workforce by at least 15 to20 percent to stay competitive, and he explained that other small manufacturersbelieve the Cap and Trade energy bill would have similar effects on theirbusinesses.

“I believe fully understanding the effect of any energylegislation is essential. More layoffsand increased costs are not what our economy needs. Hopefully, members of both parties can worktogether to come up with an acceptable energy strategy. Our energy future isn't a Republican issue ora Democratic issue; it's an American issue that we must solve to create aprosperous future.”

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