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Putnam Statement On Obama Health Care Speech


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Putnam Statement On Obama Health Care Speech

Congressman Adam Putnam tonight reacted to President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress on health care reform:

“Substantively, his plan isn't very different from the bill Americans have debated throughout August,” said Putnam. “President Obama insists on a government run health care public option. He still claims nobody would be forced into the plan --something he said before, yet supporters of the public option say it would indeed be the first step toward a government takeover of health insurance.

“Despite the president's very rosy view of cost savings, I think most Americans have learned through hard experience to be skeptical of such claims. I want to see an independent and thorough review by the Congressional Budget Office of what the real costs of this plan are going to be..

“We can still have a truly bipartisan approach to health care reform, one that addresses specific problems with specific solutions. But that's not the plan the President outlined tonight.”

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