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Salazar Responds To Obama's Presidential Address To Congress


Location: Washington, DC

Salazar Responds To Obama's Presidential Address To Congress

Congressman John Salazar issued the following statement in response to President Obama's address to Congress this evening:

“I'm glad that President Obama chose to address Congress tonight. Health care reform is an incredibly complex issue, and we all benefit by having the President of the United States lay out his vision for reform.

“I believe he succeeded in outlining how he would like to move forward with reform, and I support much of that vision. I agree that health care reform is a critical issue facing our nation. We cannot afford to continue down our current path or more Americans will find themselves without health insurance and the costs will increase for everyone.

“As I have stated before, I will support a public option if that is included in the final bill before Congress. We must act prudently and with sound judgment and bring forward a bill that can get enough votes to succeed. This is not an issue we can afford to fail on. I believe this issue is too important to our nation to issue ridiculous ultimatums and hide behind extreme political rhetoric. It is time for us to pass health care reform.

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