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Deeds Statement on Budget Announcement By Governor Kaine


Location: Alexandria, VA

Alexandria - Sen. Creigh Deeds, the Democratic nominee for governor, released the following statement on Tuesday following the budget announcement by Governor Kaine.

“Today's cuts to services provide a painful reminder of the economic effects brought on by the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

“Like families and businesses around Virginia, state government must tighten its belt. That's why I've proposed a government efficiency plan that will audit every state agency and save taxpayer money by further streamlining government functions. Under my zero-based budgeting plan, every agency's budget will start at $0 per year, and they will have to justify every penny they spend.

“Today's decisions were tough, and my thoughts go out to the many hard-working state employees who have received furloughs or were laid off. I applaud Governor Kaine for preserving funding for Virginia public schools. While Governor Kaine protected education today, my opponent has said he would take $5.4 billion from our schools to pay for roads. Unlike my opponent, I believe we must protect Virginia's schools even in tough times.

“Virginia's next Governor will have the responsibility of maintaining Virginia's hard-earned reputation for effective management, fiscal discipline and bipartisan cooperation with the legislature to continue the progress we have made in providing opportunity for all Virginians. My opponent has promised a return to the disastrous fiscal policies of George W. Bush and Jim Gilmore. I will continue to lead under the same model of bipartisan leadership set forth by Mark Warner and Tim Kaine — a model that has made Virginia the best managed state, the best state for business and the best state for a child's life success.”

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