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Rush Solidly Re-affirms His Strong Support For A Viable Public Option As Part Of Comprehensive Health Care Reform Legislation


Location: Chicago, IL

Rush Solidly Re-affirms His Strong Support For A Viable Public Option As Part Of Comprehensive Health Care Reform Legislation

U. S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-IL) today re-affirmed his strong support for a public option in the final health care reform legislation currently winding its way through Congress.

"It's time for the conversations to come to an end and for those of us who are responsible for legislating to do exactly that. From the days of my youth through the entire course of my adult life I have always stood for a health care system that covers everyone who needs it--regardless of their ability to pay. I believe the only requirement for people to receive health care is that they be sick. America deserves health reform now.

"To those who fear that comprehensive health care reform will advance without a strong public option that will force private insurance companies to compete for patients, I say ‘fear not,' as I believe all of us should refuse to let this historic opportunity pass us by.

"From the first day this session of Congress was gaveled to order, I have worked tirelessly with Chairman Waxman and other members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to advance comprehensive reform legislation that makes structural reforms--including eliminating the insidious practice of refusing insurance coverage to those with pre-existing conditions--in legislation that I believe should have broad appeal on both sides of the aisle. However, over the course of the August recess, given the outrageous behavior that has been fueled by those business and political interests that continue to benefit from the status quo, I say enough is enough.

"The House Energy and Commerce Committee was the last committee to adjourn before the August recess as we were determined to report a comprehensive bill out of our committee. Before we did, we worked around the clock to advance to the House floor a strong bill (H.R. 3200) that includes several important amendments I and others put forth, including a provision that eliminates the so-called "pay-for-delay" practice that allows drug manufacturers to delay the introduction of affordable generic drugs into the market--a practice that is financially detrimental to consumers.

"I fully intend to see this process through to the end in the form of comprehensive reform legislation that insures every American and reduces costs for consumers. No option I've seen, to date, is set to force private insurance companies to do the right thing short of a public option.

"That's what I stand for, that's what I intend to vote for and any bill that does not include an effective public option simply will not get my support."

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