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Congressman Murphy Newsletter - Share Your Health Care Story With Congressman Murphy


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Congressman Murphy Newsletter - Share Your Health Care Story With Congressman Murphy

Dear Friends,
When it comes to health insurance reform, it's important that Congress hears from our nation's nurses on what they believe is the best remedy for fixing our system. You, our health care providers, are on the front lines of the current insurance reform debate. As major stakeholders in this issue, you truly understand the scope and magnitude of the problems our health care delivery system faces and have strong opinions about the most effective remedies. In order to pass health insurance reform that makes the system work better for all Americans, we need to ensure that our medical professionals - the nurses and doctors on whom we rely to keep our families healthy - are heard.

I continue to study and evaluate the current health insurance reform proposals, but the bottom line is that the status quo is unsustainable and unacceptable. Patients deserve better. American businesses deserve better. Doctors and nurses of every specialty deserve better. I truly believe that we can work together to develop reform that improves the health of Americans while protecting the provider-patient relationship and ensuring that nurses can accomplish what they entered this field to do – practice medicine and improve the lives of their patients.

I invite you to join this important conversation and share with me your stories, thoughts, or comments on reform. While health care is an issue that affects every American, it affects nurses on a personal and a professional level. You are the ones spending hours each day talking to patients, evaluating them, and deciding how best to care for them. You see the problems in the system and you have the experience to understand how we can fix it. It is very important to me as I continue my deliberations that I hear your input on this, and I hope you will take a few minutes to share that with me. Please send your stories or comments here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Patrick J. Murphy

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