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Scalise: Taking Away Secret Ballot is Un-American


Location: Washington, DC

"Card Check" legislation introduced today in House and Senate

Congressman Steve Scalise made the following statement about the Employee Free Choice Act that was introduced today in both the House of Representatives and the Senate today:

"The right to a secret ballot election is one of the strengths of our great democracy. It is un-American to deny workers of their right to a secret ballot. The Employee Free Choice Act would take away an employee's right to a secret ballot, thus subjecting our American workforce to intimidation and threats by union bosses. I will fight to ensure that all American workers continue to maintain their right to a secret ballot election.

"In 1995 Iraqis elected Saddam Hussein with 99.96 percent of the vote in an election that denied Iraqi citizens of a secret ballot. People were jailed for voting against Saddam in that election that did not allow secret ballots. Now they are developing a democracy that includes secret ballots as one of the foundations. You cannot have a strong and free democracy without the right to a secret ballot."

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