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Rules of the House

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

RULES OF THE HOUSE -- (House of Representatives - January 06, 2009)


Mr. SCALISE. Mr. Speaker, the first vote in this new Congress gives us a preview of what the leadership is planning to do, repeal reforms that make government more transparent. Over 10 years the House established rules that open up the legislative process to make Congress more accountable. The rules package we see today undermines the accountability we have put in place and encourages the old way of doing business with back-room deals and dictator-like authority.

By ending term limits for committee Chairs, the Democratic majority is severely restricting opportunities for all Members, and is encouraging dictatorial-like authority. Six-year term limits for committee Chairs prevents a dictatorial concentration of power.

Since 2006, Congress has seen some of the lowest approval ratings in history. By giving only a few Members of the House positions of permanent power, we are only going to perpetuate that lack of trust.

Mr. Speaker, the American people deserve better from us on the first day of this new Congress. I rise in opposition to these rules changes that roll back the clock on important reforms.


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