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Further Continuing Appropriations, Fiscal Year 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Further Continuing Appropriations, Fiscal Year 2009


Mr. CULBERSON. At a time when Americans are more concerned than ever before about the security of their job, about their next paycheck, about the strength of the American economy, at a time when everyone in Congress should be focused on protecting the American economy from sliding deeper into recession, the new majority in Congress is focused on spending more money and less time than any Congress in U.S. history.

These first 32 days that the new majority has been in control have been focused on, in many ways I'm reminded of what used to happen when a conquered city fell to a conquering army. The army was given 3 days to pillage.

This is like an unrestrained, absolutely unrestrained spending spree that we've never seen before in our history. We have, in these 32 days, the new majority in Congress has spent about $1.6 trillion, $800 billion in the stimulus package, $400 billion with this omnibus here in front of us, $350 billion with the additional TARP funds, at least $65 billion in the new SCHIP children's health insurance bill.

We are spending money we do not have. We're borrowing money to pay off borrowed money. It is as though the new majority were paying off America's mortgage with a credit card. And everyone in America understands that this defies common sense. It defies all reason. No one in their private life would engage in conduct like this. And we, at a time of economic peril for the Nation, should not engage in it in Congress.

We, in the minority, the fiscal conservatives, have not only fought as politely as thoughtfully and carefully as we can this spending, but today we're offering a clear choice to the Congress and the country. We fiscal conservatives are offering an alternative to freeze Federal spending for the remainder of the fiscal year with a continuing resolution. It's called freeze current spending. That's common sense. It's something everyone in America can understand, that at home, in our businesses, and certainly when it comes to protecting the Treasury of the United States of America, we must not spend more than we bring in.

The SPEAKER pro tempore. The time of the gentleman has expired.

Mr. LEWIS of California. I yield the gentleman 30 additional seconds.

Mr. CULBERSON. We cannot spend more as a Nation than we bring in in revenue. We're already on a national credit card. And no matter who I talk to, in an E-town hall meeting last night, people back home who have never been involved in politics before are paying attention closely to this debate. And today we fiscal conservatives in the minority are offering a very simple, clear choice.

Our alternative today, the motion to recommit, the vote that will be taken today, America, on the motion to recommit, a ``yes'' vote to recommit is a vote to keep spending flat for the rest of the fiscal year and exercise fiscal restraint. A ``no'' vote is to continue this unrestrained spending spree which will bankrupt our children.


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