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Udall Reacts to Congressional Viewing of Iraqi Prison Photos

Location: Washington, DC


(Washington, D.C.) -- Congressman Mark Udall (D-Eldorado Springs) released the following statement after attending a Pentagon congressional viewing of Iraqi prisoner photos:

"I was disturbed not only by the images I saw, but also by the sheer volume of photos that were presented to members of Congress today. I don't want to describe in detail what the photos depicted, but I can tell you that they certainly are more horrific and troubling than what the American public has seen thus far.

"I spent a few minutes with the Army officer who conducted the viewing, thanked him for his service and told him I knew this wasn't the kind of job he signed up for. These abuses are not representative of our men and women in uniform who are sacrificing a lot and working hard to help stabilize Iraq and establish a free and democratic society there.

"I can understand why some people would want to suppress these photos, and we need to be careful not to interfere with any legal proceedings, but I'm afraid they will find their way out into the public eventually. Moreover, keeping these things secret will only give America's enemies another reason to fuel suspicion and discredit our reputation in the world. It's important for us as a democratic and free society to continue to hold public congressional hearings, get to the bottom of what happened, look up and down the chain of command and find out who is responsible for these gruesome acts and hold them accountable."

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